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spiral wound tube heat exchanger

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spiral wound tube heat exchanger Technical advantages

Spiral wound tube heat exchanger products include spiral wound tube heat exchanger, detachable and corrosion resistant type。 This kind of heat exchanger has good turbulence, high heat efficiency, low deposition probability and low scale tendency。 The spiral winding structure completely eliminates the pull force between the heat transfer tube and the tube plate, and greatly improves the service life。 The volume is about 1/10 of the traditional heat exchanger, which can save valuable space resources。 Advanced technology, excellent equipment, perfect testing system, forms the excellent quality of the spiral wound tube heat exchanger , the cost performance is much higher than similar products。 Compared with the traditional heat exchanger in the same operating condition, the investment is very similar, but it can save a large amount of running cost per year, which is popular with the customers。 spiral wound tube heat exchanger is a new generation of heat exchanger products。 It is mainly suitable for liquid gas, and is based on the CFD computational fluid mechanics, FEM differential finite element technology, OWEN turbulent buffeting frequency standards, rule of Eisinger, Bevinsbbb criterion, asymmetric flow design and other technical design。 In soda conditions heat

上海岳合机电科技有限公司transfer coefficient can up to 14000w/㎡·℃.

  Conventional heat exchanger tube designs are either straight or u-shaped tubes。 So a problem is plagued design engineers, what method can let the heat exchange tube become longer, heat exchange area of the unit volume increase, counterflow heat transfer due to the structure fundamentally maintain in an ideal state, and the volume of heat exchange equipment is smaller, safety performance is stronger。 The research and development of spiral wound heat exchanger tube bundle technology has been successfully developed and improved fundamentally。

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