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spiral wound tube heat exchanger

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spiral wound tube heat exchanger introduction

(1) the spiral wound tube heat exchanger is highly efficient and saves energy (steam)。Internal unique reverse winding spiral coil structure, heat exchange in current way, make fully condensing steam in the heat exchange tube bundle, do not need a second heat exchange, so it can save a lot of steam; 

(2) spiral wound tube heat exchanger is stainless steel welding, it can bear high temperature and high pressure.Because of the heat exchange tube bundle and shell are all made of stainless steel material, with uniform expansion coefficient, the maximum pressure is1.6 MPa, the highest heat-resistant is 400 ℃ ,it will not cause deformation of the heat exchanger because of pressure and temperature; so there is no need to prepare the equipment to reduce the pressure and temperature. (3) its structure is compact, with small size,saving infrastructure investment; Light weight and easy to install, the equipment can be connected directly to the pipe, reducing installation cost.  

(4) the heat exchanger with Michael (OWEN) turbulent buffeting frequency standard principle, the heat exchange tube bundle adopts the minimum clearance design, effectively eliminate the turbulent chattering phenomenon, prolong the service life of heat exchanger.  

(5) the heat exchanger is low in scale with low maintenance cost,with unique structure,unique surface treatment technology, and on both sides of the counterflow heat exchange medium, not only improving the integrated heat transfer coefficient but also with self-cleaning function and low scale tend.  The method of chemical descaling can be used to clean the heat exchanger, which can save time, power, cost and effect.

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