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spiral wound tube heat exchanger

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The spiral wound tube heat exchanger introduction

上海岳合机电科技有限公司The spiral wound tube heat exchanger was introduced in recent years, a new type of high efficiency and energy saving equipment in design completely broke through the traditional design idea of tube and shell heat exchanger, from material selection to structure form, the shape and volume are different with the traditional tube and shell heat exchanger , a number of technology innovation make the heat exchanger beyond the traditional tube and shell heat exchanger from the appearance to performance , changed the traditional heat exchanger’s of simple structure, large volume,  rough shape, low efficiency.

  spiral wound tube heat exchanger consists of two parts, the core body and the shell, the core body is mainly composed of heat exchange tube and shell consists of cylinder and end socket, top and bottom head have two openings each, the same head between opening center is 90 ° Angle, make all fluid participate in heat transfer , no dead zone。

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