steam to water heat exchanger

steam to water heat exchanger

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steam to water heat exchanger

steam to water heat exchanger advantages:

Material handling

The ideal state of the tube bundle of wound heat exchanger is that, in the case of reasonable equilibrium tube bundle hardness and plasticity, there will not be an excessive force point.Our material processing perfectly embodies this requirement.

Precise heat transfer tube spacing

The stainless steel tube is difficult to bend or wind because of the problem of the material, and the spacing of all heat exchanger tubes is uniform。 This requests us in the processing have complete technology and rich experience, high-precision equipment and top of the winding technology provides the basis for us.

Reasonable number of tubes and spacing

It's hard to wind the heat exchanger tube,because the relative diameter of each layer are changing , coiled Angle must be consistent with each other,  and to make sure the length of each heat exchanger tube is same is difficult also.

Our company designed different number of heat exchanger tube each layer , and the reasonable layer spacing perfectly overcomed this problem, but also solves the flow requirements under the condition of complex heat transfer。

Fully automated robot welding process

During the production of equipment, fully automated robot welding is adopted to ensure that all welding points, especially tube plate welding are standardized and have high safety performance.

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