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heat exchanger unit

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heat exchanger unit

heat exchanger unit is a hign efficiency energy-saving product with compact structure which is reliable and easy to operate.

The product apply to the heating, bathing and air conditioning system in residential area, government, factory, hospital, hotel and school. The whole  heat exchanger unit can be used for water to water and steam to water exchange. The unit is composed of heat exchanger, circulating pump, water pump, electric control cabinet, piping, valves, filters, pedestal, instrument and so on, and we can install the automatic constant pressure filling water equipment, water treatment equipment, water tanks, water pump frequency conversion control, temperature control valve, telecommunication control, etc., which constitute a complete heat exchange station. This unit has the standardized modular design, the configuration is complete,with easy installation, high efficiency and energy saving advantages, it has been widely used in residential district heating, central air-conditioning, domestic water, enterprise production process water system and so on.

  Heat exchanger unit is used to get heat from a web site and automatically convert it to water for the user's needs。 The hot water from one side entrance of the unit to the heat exchanger for heat exchange and flow out from the one side outlet 。 Secondary side water after filter to remove dirt, through the secondary side circulating water pump into the heat exchanger, used for heating, air conditioning, floor heating and domestic water in different temperature of hot water, to meet the needs of users。

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