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heat exchanger unit

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The characteristics of heat exchanger unit

1. Intelligent temperature controller make the water temperature is obtained by using the intelligent control, the water temperature set by the program can make change with the outdoor environment temperature, the standard room temperature and time, so it can up to hign heating quality and energy saving.

2.Industrial control computer display, store and print various operating parameters, including: heat medium flow, heat medium temperature, heat medium pressure, heating temperature, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, water temperature, condensate water temperature, water pressure, etc.

3.When it is steam to water heat transfer, set the condensation water heat exchange process and the condensation water temperature control, make full use of condensation water heat.

上海岳合机电科技有限公司4.The water supplement system adopts the frequency conversion control, the automatic filling water, the steady pressure.

5。Adopting the high quality stainless steel tube heat exchanger, the unit volume is small,and the area is small。

6.circulating pump can change frequency, variable operation.

7.Standard modular design can flexible to choose control content and reduce investment based on user's situation.

8。The operation parameter concentration digital display, convenient and reliable。

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