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Shanghai yuehe mechanical and electrical technology Co., Ltd is a national fixed-point production of heat exchanger manufacturers, scientific research, design, manufacture, installation, sales and production in a body's production enterprise. The company has a rich experience of save energy and mechanical and electrical equipment design team of experts, with 18 engineers, 30 technical personnel , with a complete set of management, production, inspection system, advanced production equipment, use the automatic welding technology, automatic winding technology,with higher thermal efficiency, less energy consumption, low scaling tendency, high cost performance,our heat exchanger export many countries and regions. Heat exchanger is an energy saving equipment which can realize heat transfer between different fluid ,heat transfer is made from high fluid to the lower temperature fluid, in order that the fluid temperature can reach the indexes of the flow rules, and  to meet the needs of process conditions, as well as improve the energy efficiency. Heat exchanger industry involving hvac, pressure vessel, water treatment equipment and so on nearly 30 variety of industries to form industry chain.

Shanghai yuehe mechanical and electrical technology Co., Ltd has the production capacity of a single 500 square spiral wound tube heat exchanger , with an annual output of 100 units (sets) of heat transfer units,  Spiral wound tube heat exchanger 2000 units (sets).Every product of our company is inspected by every process to ensure the user is safe to use.We adhere to cooperate with the scientific research and technology colleges many years,and the achievement sharing makes its products done well in research and development innovation, production design, quality assurance, after-sales service and so on .

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